Anastasia Kuzmina

About artist

Anastasia Kuzmina is a promising artist from St.Petersburg whose works are known for particularly attentive attitude to texture, brushstrokes and color gradations. The paintings are usually done on large canvases with acrylic paints. Anastasia considers this technique the most appropriate for such special effects.
Every series of paintings contains exclusive conception. The latest one is a search of the rhythm of St.Petersburg. This city is versatile and entering into an individual dialogue with every citizen of the magnificent place. The beauty of sunrises and sunsets and impressive architecture inspires Anastasia on experiments with color and texture. Paintings of Anastasia should be carefully viewed, as every detail and brushstroke appears as full and harmonious in the context of bright sensations reproduced on canvas. The plenty of details forms a vivid and spectacular image, creates space and emphasizes the geometical character of the landscape.
The works of Anastasia are estimated by the audience as deep and harmonious interpretation of reality done at a high artistic level.

Art critic: Elvira Ramazanova
«Welcome to my world of creativity and inspiration!»
Anastasia Kuzmina